Increase Your Low Traffic Blog’s AdSense Earnings


Using WordPress as an emulsifier to generate extra cash using AdSense seems to be a no-brainer these days. Many have experimented with a multitude of WordPress templates to try to portray a professional look, while at the same time, thinking that if a users thinks the site looks pro, that user would be more inclined to click the AdSense ads. This is completely not true.

I too have experimented a number of ways to try to increase my AdSense earnings, but many have fallen short. Sometimes the simplest approach is the best. From my experience I have learned what has an hasn’t worked with increasing AdSense earnings. I will say one thing, if you don’t have the traffic then you will definitely need a high click-through rate to even find any value in maintaining your WordPress blog if your intentions are solely for AdSense earnings. Below are a few tips:

Only use the textual ads. If you are using the link units, use the horizontal version and no more than three links wide. My pay per click experience will tell you that the top three ads are usually the highest bidders. This way you are weeding out the lower bidders and therefore increasing your possibility of higher earnings.

We have been taught that “blending” is the way to go with tricking users into thinking that the ads are actually part of your website. This is not true. I’ve actually achieved a jump in my CTR with ads that actually look like clickable links. It seems purely psychological…if it looks like a link, it must be a link and therefore I must click the link. So the take away from this is to have the urls in a color that looks as much as a link as possible.

User small block text ads at the beginning, as a floating item and at the end of each of your posts. I’ve seen an increase in my CTR by simply closing an article with a small block of AdSense ads.

These simple techniques, when used properly can actually increase your CTR, which is a good thing if your site simply doesn’t have the traffic. Increasing your chances of a click can be your money maker.


Source by Tony Rocks

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