In-Depth Genesis Framework Review – A WordPress Theme From StudioPress


The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is one of the best website building developments since WordPress hit the scene (in my view). Using Genesis is easy and powerful for building professional websites.

It’s a full website template package because you can create any style and design you like by easily installing child themes – of which there are dozens to choose from.

What Do You Get With the Genesis Framework?

1. Dozens of Designs to Choose From

There are dozens of child themes to choose from. Like anyone, I like some more than others (my four favorite child themes for a small business are Venture, Metric, Enterprise, and News (for a small business blog). You can have a beautiful website using the out-of-the-box themes in minutes (plus the amount of time it takes you to write your content).

2. SEO-Ready

I’m an SEO junkie. In fact, before I started building websites, I did a lot of SEO (off-site) for my business website. One nuisance with many other WordPress themes is the need for a 3rd party plugin in order to do on-site search engine optimization. Not with StudioPress.

The Genesis Framework has a comprehensive SEO panel where you have total control over the search engine optimization within your site – both for the site as a whole and individual posts and pages. You can even Noindex and Nofollow individual posts, pages, and archive pages (i.e. category listing pages to prevent the dreaded duplicate content).

3. Create Custom Sidebars

With most WordPress themes, your sidebar(s) is the same on every page in your site unless you opt for full-page layouts. Having the same sidebar content is not always optimal.

Suppose you have a business with different services. You can customize the sidebar content for each type of service for optimal conversion and navigation.

In order to create more sidebars (you can create as many as you like), simply install the “Genesis Simple Sidebars” plugin (free plugin) and create new sidebars – as many as you like.

4. Complete Menu Navigation Control

We all don’t want the same old navigation in our websites. With Genesis you have complete control over your menu set up – whether your menus contain pages, posts, OR BOTH. Yes, you can create menu bars that contain both pages and posts.

In order to maximize your menu customization, once Genesis is installed, install the “Genesis Simple Menu” plugin (it’s free). Once installed, you can totally customize your menus in the Genesis panel and WordPress menus panel (under Appearance).

5. Six Layout Options for Any Page and Post

Traditionally, any theme you bought had a pre-defined layout for every page – whether a 1, 2, or 3 column layout. StudioPress changes this by offering 6 layout options FOR ANY PAGE OR POST.

This means that some posts can have 2 columns and other posts 3 columns. The 6 page layouts you can choose from are as follows:

  • Content/Sidebar
  • Sidebar/Content
  • Content/Sidebar/Sidebar
  • Sidebar/Sidebar/Content
  • Sidebar/Content/Sidebar
  • Content (full width)

Using this feature with the customized sidebar function means you can make every page unique – both in content and sidebar(s).

6. Customized Footers

I can’t count how many times I’ve installed a theme and messed around trying to customize the footer. More often than not I’m guessing with trial and error hoping I get it right. No more guessing with StudioPress themes.

Simply install the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin (free plugin) and you can easily write anything in the footer, including placing any links, you want without the need to know PHP coding.

7. Home Pages Are Widget-Based

Widgets are so useful in WordPress because you can place anything in a widget. Traditionally, the only widget options were in sidebars.

With Genesis themes (all child themes) you have widget placement options in the main content areas of your home page. This make it very easy to create “sections” of content on your home page (and sidebars of course).

8. Featured Posts on the Home Page and Sidebar(s)

Do you like those websites that have a list of titles and excerpts on the home page – much like newspaper websites?

With the Genesis Framework, you can set out any list of pages, posts, and/or categories anywhere you can place a widget (which is a lot of places).

9. Refunds are Available

I can’t believe it, but yes, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase. This is pretty rare in the paid WordPress theme industry.


Source by Peter Lawlor

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