How To Use WordPress To Create A Simple Website


You may have heard of WordPress, which is a highly popular open-source software that most Bloggers use to create their blogs. In this article, I am going to share with you how you can use this software to build a small website for your business to market your services or products. The following 5 steps are applicable as long as you use the latest version 3 of WordPress.

The first step is to plan your website layout. You should write down the sitemap for your website on a piece of paper so that you are clear of the structure. For example, what are the names of the pages you want to create in your site? If I am running a tuition centre, I will want to have the pages – Home, About Us, Tutors List, Subjects We Teach and Contact Us.

The second step is to install the WordPress on your server. You can easily register a web hosting account nowadays with so many choices available online. Most of the web hosting providers support the WordPress software. You can also Google for ‘websprout consulting webhosting’ to register for a web hosting account to host your WordPress website.

Once you have the web hosting account, you can just install WordPress by logging into the Cpanel and select Fantastico or QuickInstall and you will have your WordPress site installed within a few clicks!

The third step is to log in to the back-end (by going to /wp-admin folder) of your newly setup WordPress website to delete all the posts. Since you are creating a simple website, you would not need the default posts that comes with the installation. To delete all the default posts, just log-in to the back-end and select posts. Move all the posts to Trash in order to delete them. You may have only one post to delete since your installation is new.

Fourth step is to start creating the pages that you want. To create pages for your website, go to the back-end and click ‘Pages’ then ‘Add New’. This will allow you to add the pages that you want. Once you have published the pages, you will be able to see the links to the pages appearing in the top navigation bar. It is that simple!

The last step is to set a page as your home page. For this, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ then ‘Reading’ in the back-end. Under the ‘Front Page Displays’ option, Select ‘A static page’ and choose the page that you want to set as home page so that it will display on your home page by default.

The above 5 steps are all you need to do in order to create a simple website easily with WordPress. I hope you find this article useful!


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