How to Use Onlywire For Social Bookmarking WordPress Blogs


After writing or recording a great blog post the next step is to promote it using social bookmarking. These accounts include digg, propeller, furl, bebo, delicious and tumblr, among many others. The problem is finding time to bookmark your content across dozens of accounts. Fortunately, services such as Onlywire can automate social bookmarking to dozens of the leading websites, and including plugins or buttons on your WordPress blog will facilitate blog syndication.

Onlywire is the leading online software for syndicating media to the major social bookmarking sites. Professional bloggers, publishers and webmasters rely on it for marketing their and their clients online businesses. Best of all the service is very cost-effective for paid users, and easy to implement for promoting users. Follow the step by step directions in these videos to promote the service on a WordPress blog and capture the same benefits of paid users.

Here are some helpful bookmarking tips when using Onlywire:

1) Make it easy! I prefer using larger icons for buttons and plugins for increase visibility. If you’re sticking to the button only, try to place it above the fold so viewers don’t have to scroll down your sidebar to find it. This enhances the likelihood for reader participation amid all the clutter that fills blog pages.

2) Create awesome content. This should go without saying since quality content is the cornerstone when contributing to social networks. Only the best content will get bookmarked by others so work at going above the norm in your market. It will also spur viral bookmarking where friends or follows were further spread it among their social networks.

3) Give instructions and directions. Automated social bookmarking services are relatively new. Encouraging bookmarking in your post is acceptable as long as it doesn’t sound desperate. However, showing your readers ‘how’ to bookmark in a stepwise manner is far more effective since they will need bookmarking accounts to start. Current Onlywire users who follow and like your blog posts are like gold!

4) Bookmark other content. I highly recommend this for a few reasons. For one, social bookmarking websites like Digg are searching for spammers who merely bookmark their only content. Many marketers risk account termination if each bookmark is a different blog post from their one domain name. Strive for a 3 to 1 balance where your bookmarking other people’s content (or at the very least, your other domains such as articles or press releases) in addition to your own blog. Forming an advocacy group based on reciprocal promoting will benefit everyone.

Watch an in depth video tutorial about using social bookmarking to promote your internet business. Visit my WordPress blog and search for “Onlywire”


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