How To Use Infusionsoft With WordPress?


WordPress was initially introduced as a blog development tool but nowadays it is used widely for creating websites. In fact, it is one of the most well known content management systems available in the web world. Moreover, WordPress is used mainly by the small businesses to mark their online presence. Infusionsoft, on the other hand, is a software that works as a marketing and sales tool. This helps immensely in the small businesses to grow. Thus, it is referred to as the ‘Marketing Automation’ software and is used throughout the world. This tool is popular because it is cost effective, initiates rapid development and has extensive capabilities. Infusionsoft helps in increasing the sales, generating leads and saves time.

There are several ways to use Infusionsoft with WordPress but some of the finest ways are listed below:

1. Upgrade your theme with the latest WordPress version. Using an older version might prevent you from taking full advantage of the latest features included with WordPress. You can switch to the more impressive Genesis Framework or DIY themes instead of using the older themes. The new themes have been created keeping in mind the commercial uses. These also offer a number of new forms of customization. Thus, when you create your website with these themes, the effects are better.

2. There are 3 options provided by Infusionsoft while you use the Web forms. These are Unstyled and Styled HTML code and JavaScript. On the other hand, there are widgets in WordPress where you store the custom content for your website. In addition to syncing your Web Forms with Infusionsoft it also keeps a record of the activities of the browsers. This will enable to keep a track what kind of content are your browsers viewing.

3. Another important feature of this WordPress integration is that even without JavaScript, you can still keep a track of the conversions and leads with the help of Infusionsoft Analytics code. There are various kinds of WordPress themes. If you are aware how the tracking scripts work, then all you need to do is add the analytics code therein.

4. While using Infusionsoft WordPress you can opt for using the Thank You pages in the Infusionsoft account or redirect the visitors to another url. This feature is useful if you want to redirect the visitors to a particular page in your website.

These are some of the ways in which you can use the WordPress Infusionsoft. This has become one of the fastest growing marketing applications in the market. Another added advantage for this plugin is that it is constantly updated so that you can lay your hands on the latest technologies.


Source by Issac Reynolds

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