How to Use Google AdSense


AdSense is an easy method that can help your passive income. These six tips will help you with your AdSense usage.

1. Use Google AdWords toolbar to find out a good paying keyword(s) that aren’t extremely competitive. Make sure that the keywords are tied into your niche. Try to avoid those elite keywords that have heavy traffic. Moderate traffic keywords will be more productive.

2. Develop a press release about your website and circulate it through news distribution websites. This will help get your website noticed and viewed. Also remember to send out press releases anytime you do something interesting with your website. Examples would include new sections, guest writers, etc.

3. Join discussion forums. Get involved in the discussions and remember to have backlinks to your website through your signature and threads. Use your peers on the discussion sites to provide you advise and also go to their sites for ideas. Remember to surround yourself with people of similar thoughts. Brainstorming with result in great ideas.

4. Remember to Ping your feeds. Use Ping-o-Matic, Autopinger and FeedPing to pin your URL. This is a practice that is easy to forget, but is critical to developing traffic.

5. Create a blog. Use WordPress with the keyword as title. WordPress is free and easy to use to create professional looking blogs. They have many themes to create that personal touch.

6. Write a good article with backlinks to your website using EzineArticles. They have several self help articles to guide you in using appropriate keyword(s) to enhance your article in the search engines.


Source by Sean Sherwood

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