How to Use Flickr Photos on Your WordPress Blog


As the world’s largest photo sharing site, Flickr is the single best source of potential pictures for your blog. Studies also suggest that blog readers also like to see photographs as they make your articles more attractive to the eye and more interesting.

So we know that photos are a good idea for bloggers, and we know where there are loads of good photos. But how do we bridge that gap?

Firstly there are differences between whether the photos you use on your blog are your own or those of others.

If you want to use one of your own photographs that you have uploaded ot Flickr then navigate your way to your photo of choice. Once there, click on the “All Sizes” link which should be just above the photo where you will be presented with a range of possible sizes. From here you simply select the size of photo that you want and down the bottom of the page you will be able to see a link to the photo you have chosen.

Within WordPress all you need to do when writing your blog post is to select where you would like the photograph to appear, press the “Add Media” button which should be just above the area you are writing in, and when the popup menu appears simply post the photo link in which you just got from Flickr. As if by magic your Flickr picture appears in your blog post.

The second way to use Flickr is to actually use other peoples photos. Now it should be said here firstly that I am not a lawyer and I would strongly advise you to take your own advice on this but from my understanding Flickr gives users the ability to choose you can use their photos.

Some Flickr members don’t want anyone using their photos. Other people are happy to have them used by non-profits. And a tiny few are happy for anyone to use their snaps. And these are the ones we want to use. Ones that you can use on a commercial blog without the risk of getting into any trouble for copyright infringement.

Personally I use a WordPress plugin called Photo Dropper which will let me search Flickr from within WordPress for images that I can use legitimately on my blog. I simply enter a keyword, select the photo I like best and the photo is inserted into my blog post.

So why not take a few minutes now to experiment with making your blog more interesting by using Flickr photos. I think you’ll find it’s a lot easier than you my think; and your readers will thank you for it.


Source by Richard Adams

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