How to Upload WordPress


When asked how to upload WordPress to your webhost, the process may seem a little “technical” at first. Actually, it is as easy as copying a file on your computer! Uploading is simply downloading in reverse. Instead of grabbing something from a website, you are putting something on a website instead. Let’s run through the simple steps of getting WordPress on your webhost.

First, you need an FTP client. “An FTP client? What’s That” you ask? It stands for File Transfer Protocol, or simply a program on your computer that lets you copy files from your hard drive to your webhost. FTP clients and what they do are out of the scope of this article, but you can Google it. I personally recommend FileZilla. It is easy to install, easy to use, and best of all, FREE! Google FileZilla, download, and then install it.

What you need next is the FTP info from your webhost. This is an FTP username and password. This makes it so that not just anyone can upload stuff to your webhost. Your webhost will show you where this info is located. After that, put this information into your FTP program. Then you should be connected to your webhost!

Now, you need your essential ingredient, WordPress! Run over to and download the latest version. It is under the ‘Download’ Tab. Then, you need to extract it from it’s zip file, by using zip extractor. All operating systems, (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) have this built right in. Many times you can just right-click on the zip file you downloaded and select the “Extract” option.

Now, you should have a folder full of files. This is your WordPress blog, waiting to be placed on your server. Now just open your FTP program, connect to your webhost with your username and password, select your files, and drag them over to your webhost. Simple!

So, the steps on how to upload WordPress are broken down to this:

1. Download FTP and Install

2. Get FTP Info from Webhost

3. Download WordPress and extract

4. Upload to your server

5. Have fun blogging!

Uploading WordPress and everything else WordPress doesn’t have to be a challenge. Many “technical” things aren’t really that technical once you learn them. Now you know how to Upload WordPress. I wonder what else you can learn so easily?


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