How to Submit Your Blog or Website to Google, Yahoo, Bing


Blogging is the latest passion for youth presently. Many young people were turning their careers as bloggers. Its possible because of the Globalization. Many new and young bloggers were evolving every year. According to recent Technorati analysis over 1.8 million blogs were been registering every year. These statistics tell us the power of Blogging.

Blogging is not such a easy task. You need to be patient, need to write act smart, need to be updated, need to perform SEO, need to work on building relationship, and many more tasks. This is the article, that Im writing for sake of serious bloggers who are turning their career as full time dedicated bloggers.

Submit Your Website/Blog to Google Search Engine

Google the leading search engine and is considered as the major source to drive traffic to one’s website. The most concentrated Search Engine by any of the SEO experts. Submitting a blog/website to Google is the major task for any website to get indexed. If your website is indexed in Google, your work is done more than 60%.

Here are the Steps that you should follow for submitting your website to Google

  1. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Click on Add a Site and enter the URL of your website or blog you wish to add and then click on continue.
  3. Verify your site by using meta tag by placing that in section of in your template or else by using the HTML file by placing it in root folder of you website.
  4. Finally, Click on verify after finishing the process.

Submit Your Website/Blog to Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo holds the next place after Google, in terms of efficiency and traffic. Yahoo is a best search engine with yahoo personally sponsoring many tools. Yahoo occupies 21% of Search Engine Share after Google.

Here are the Steps that you should follow for submitting your website to Yahoo.

  1. Yahoo Sitemaps is usefed if you want your blog/website to get indexed completely in Yahoo Search Engine.
  2. Submit your blog/website to Yahoo Sitemaps.
  3. For Submitting, Click on submit you Website or Webpage option and enter your blog/website address.
  4. And then submit your site feed, for submitting Click on Submit Site Feed and enter the sitemap of your blog.
  5. Finally add the feed of your Blog.

Submit Your Website/Blog to Bing Search Engine

Bing a search engine from Microsoft which is currently buzzing allover the world. This is launched by Microsoft in order to give Google the great competition, by offering more features that Google. Most of the websites/blogs were already indexed into Bing, as the is using the database of MSN, though you can still submit your website to get indexed.

Here are the Steps that you should follow for submitting your website to Yahoo.

  1. Submit your blog/website to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  2. After that, enter your website details (your website/blog’s address) and the fill the CAPTCHA correctly and then click on submit.
  3. Then a notification will be given to you. If you are interested to Submit another website, click on submit another website else click on return to bing.

In this way you can submit your website/blog to Google, Yahoo, Bing.


Source by Siddartha Thota

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