How to Setup a Squeeze Page Inside WordPress


Are you new to Internet Marketing and have a new WordPress blog and just don’t understand yet how to put a Squeeze page or Sales page on your blog?

You see, there are many things your Lead Opt-In box should say. Just Google it and you will find numerous articles on how to craft such a page. A catchy headline, bullet points, a “free give away” are just the common practices. But this is not the problem you have!

However, if you are new and don’t want to simply put a box on your front page or go through the hassle and cost of another domain/hosting account, you just can’t figure out how to have a slick looking, separate squeeze page that resides inside your blog.

Most WordPress themes only have pages and posts. But they include your header, footer, sidebar and all the other stuff that are just too cluttery looking and distracting for a squeeze page. There is a solution!

Simply create your squeeze page with a free html editor, and then upload it to your server using a FTP program like FileZilla. Now your blog has a new, unseen page and you are in business.

  1. Use a free open source software like KompoZer as a html editor to create your squeeze page. KompoZer can be a little finicky, but is mostly straight forward. However, I do not recommend using its auto FTP for uploading. I copied its source code for text, pictures, links, auto-responder image, etc.
  2. Paste the squeeze page source code from KompoZer into notepad and save it as a php file to your desktop.
  3. Then FTP upload the new php file to your domain server’s html_public directory using FileZilla.
  4. Now you have a new Squeeze page hidden from navigation inside your blog.

Understand that you cannot add content to this page from WordPress but you can re-do anything inside KompoZer. Just create a new source code and upload the newer php file again.

It is fairly simple to create a squeeze page inside WordPress once you know the steps and are willing to suffer through some trial and error. You can create a sales page too and any other special pages this way.



Source by Jerry Lucado

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