How to Setup a Blog Site Fast


Blog setup is fairly easy nowadays with the large bloggers community around to help you. However if you are looking to start a blog, you must already know that WordPress is rocking the blogging world. It would be the best platform for blogging and for you to setup a blog site, for the coming years.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is free, can be installed on any Linux based hosting server. With free upgrades, blogging becomes easy and your site is hacker proof. all you content are easy to manage and alter from time to time. With minimal know-how of HTML and other technical stuff.

What do we need to setup a blog site?

Few things mentioned below:

  • A domain name. Like, whichever suits you.
  • A webhost which can run WordPress sites. Linux based basically.
  • Install WordPress 2.9.2, the latest version.

Installing WordPress may seem to be the toughest part here, but actually it isn’t. You can easily install WordPress within 5 minutes using Fantastico Script running on your webshost given to you when you purchase hosting from them,You will have a secure login to access your files and manage them from time to time.

Get a WordPress guru

Even if it all looks very easy to start with, but if you are a beginner with little or almost no knowledge of HTML, basic I mean, things can become a little messy when you do it wrong. I would recommend getting some help before hand. Join bloggers community, see YouTube videos about setting up a blog. is a nice place to make blogger friends.


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