How to Set Up WordPress on Your Own Web Hosting Account


Setting up WordPress on your own web hosting is easy. Just follow the few steps below to get started. WordPress is an open source content management system which is popular with very popular with bloggers. To install it on your own hosting you have two choices.

1) Get some web hosting which has Fantastico or Installatron installed. This will enable you to install WordPress on your website with just a few clicks.

2) Go to the WordPress website and download the latest release of the script. Upload it to your hosting account using a FTP program. Run the install.

Both options should get you up and running with WordPress in very little time. Write down the password that the install script generates for you or change it to something you can remember. Log in and change your settings. These are the settings I recommend changing as a minimum.

1) You should change the tagline of your site to something more memorable than the default.

2) Change your permalink settings to something more search engine friendly than the default.

3) Change the comment settings so that all comments must be manually approved or disable comments on new posts entirely.

4) Create the categories that are relevant to your site. Set the default category. This will prevent posts being uncategorized.

5) Change your site theme, there a lots of great ones available for free.

6) Set up your site widgets so you can customize the layout. I always like to use the tags widget so your posts will have search engine friendly tags.

7) Delete the default “hello world” post and add some good quality original content to your site. Keep adding it regularly and your site will be successful.

This is the bare minimum you should do to get your new WordPress site set up on your own hosting account. Once set up you can add plug-ins if you wish. These are available for many functions such as improving your search engine optimization or adding a visitor counter for example. Good luck with your new WordPress site.


Source by Chris Jerrett

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