How To Set Up A WordPress Blog?


Knowing the steps in setting up your WordPress blog is essential if you are out to start an online business. WordPress is considered one of the best sites to start your online career. WordPress has easy to use Content Management System or CMS, allowing you to work on your account with ease. Furthermore, a self hosted WordPress blog will let you have full control on the content. After purchasing a hosting sites, here are the steps to set up your blog account.

Find the Best Domain Name That Suits Your WordPress Blog

Once you have already purchased a hosting provider, you need to find the perfect domain name for your blog. Creating a unique domain name is important if you want your visitors to have a distinction, it is also an important way for Google to rank your blog. Once you are ready with your blog domain name, you need to purchase it from a domain registrar.

Connect Your WordPress Blog and Domain Name to Your Web Host

You need to connect or upload WordPress to your hosting account. You are also required to associate your domain name to your hosting account to start account management. Some hosting sites have free tools so you can easily set up your blog with simple mouse clicks. Nevertheless, each hosting site requires a specific process so you need to follow the host’s instructions or guidelines on how to upload your WordPress Blog.

Install a WordPress Blog Theme

Your next task is to choose the perfect WordPress blog theme. Choose among the different colors or the number of columns to display; in summary, the look and feel of your blog will all depend on your choice. WordPress has various free themes which you can easily use. If you have a theme of choice not available on WordPress theme gallery, you can also upload it.

Configure WordPress Blog Settings

You need to configure WordPress settings. Now this is quiet important if you want to turn on or turn off specific parts of the blog. You have a free hand when it comes to choosing which parts shows and which are kept hidden from public view. You also have the choice whether to allow commenting, pings, and trackbacks. You must also set up plug-ins so that your posts are more manageable, easier to create pages and links..

Many blogging newbies take as much time as possible when setting up their accounts, never hesitate to use the various free tutorials that WordPress offers. Take the time to work around the WordPress CMS, this will enable familiarization on creating new posts.

WordPress blog set up is not difficult at all, you just need to follow simple instructions.. It’s not a rocket science and there are plenty of tutorials that you can use (video, audio, or articles). Moreover, remember that you should not worry with making mistakes whenever setting up your blog; you can always work on a part if you feel like changing anything on the blog. Getting familiar with your WordPress CMS and how everything works together is important especially if you plan to make blogging a business.


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