How to Set Up a WordPress Blog From Hosting Control Panel in Less Than 15 Minutes?


Step by step tutorial to set up WordPress Blog from website hosting cPanel:

It is really very easy to set up blog from website host control panel with few steps as follows:

  1. Log in to your website control panel. You will need user and password which your server company should provide you during setting up your website.
  2. In the control panel there will be either Fantastico or installscripts icon in most of the server. Click on Fantastico or Installscript. You will see the wordpress icon there and click on it.
  3. You will have to insert there some information in the blank forms like your email address, blog title, description etc. Another thing required is the directory where you want to put the blog. You can keep it blank if you want to set it in root directory under main domain.
  4. In some version you can put an administrator username and password while in some other version the password is generated in the screen by the system. The auto generated password will not be easy to remember because of its critical look with character and numeric. so it is better to copy it and log in to admin and then at user admin insert new password what you can remember.
  5. Follow the screen and click install and within few minutes your blog is ready to publish in the internet world.

Then start writing, post as you like based on your business or hobby or liking.

It is really very easy and it is time to try it out.


Source by M Yakub Chowdhury

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