How to Set Up a WordPress Article Directory


To raise the profile of our websites, submitting articles to sites like EzineArticles is a valid strategy. It drives traffic to our sites via people reading an article in a directory and clicking through to our site. Secondly by submitting articles to directories we increase the number of backlinks pointing to our sites. The more backlinks that we have, the higher our sites will likely appear in the search engine results pages.

Rather than simply being people who provide content to article directories, a further option is to become article directory owners and administrators. When we set up our own article directory, we can allow other people to submit content in exchange for a link back to their site. On top of this there can even be options for revenue sharing through programs like Adsense. This allows the owners and users to raise their profiles as Internet Marketers and bring their sites to the attention of more people which will hopefully mean more money.

But is it really that easy to establish our own directory site? The short answer is a resounding YES! There are a few basic conditions that must be satisfied to be able to run your own article directory:

  • A web hosting account
  • A domain to use for the article directory
  • Be comfortable setting up a basic WordPress blog install

If these three conditions are met, it does not take too much more effort turn a basic WordPress blog into a WordPress article directory that allows multiple users to post content.

The theme that I use on my own multi-user blog comes from It is a great theme that is both functional and user-friendly.


Source by John Cuellar

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