How to Mask a URL in a WordPress Blog – Link Cloaking For Free!


Here is a completely free way for how to mask a URL. Cloaking your links is an essential skill for any blogger or affiliate marketer seeking to make money online. But first, what do we mean by cloaking a link? Cloaking, or masking a URL, involves showing an internal link when customers hover their mouse over a link on a web page. For the visitor, it looks as though the external link is just another page on your website.

Cloaked URLs are primarily used to mask long ugly affiliate links. Potential customers tend to be wary of these types of links because they see long strings of random characters. Cloaking URLs helps blog visitors and customers feel much more comfortable and safe when conducting transactions on line.

If you are looking for information on how to cloak a URL, you may be confused by all of the contradictory information out there. There are a lot of sites that want you to buy their “secret” techniques and software. For there is no reason to spend any money.

Fortunately, if you run WordPress on your site, cloaking affiliate links is extremely easy. All you need to do is download a free plugin. There are many to choose from. The best I’ve used is one called Pretty Link. It not only lets you cloak as many links as you want, it also includes some great reporting features. There is also a video tutorial if you have never used it before.

Learning how to mask a URL is really easy. There is no reason to pay for any service. All you need is a free plugin. Not only will help make your visitors feel more comfortable, there is also evidence that it can improve your search engine ranking. If you hide the affiliate links on your website, you are less likely to be penalized by Google for having too many affiliate links.


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