How To Make Your Blog Look Better – 2 Tips For A Great Looking Blog


In this article we are going to quickly talk about how to make your blog look better. I want to warn you though…this can be a pretty slippery slope! I have spent HOURS trying to give my network of blogs a prettier face. And one thing your site analytics will usually tell you is, your readers don’t care. They want great content that helps them achieve their goals, be they make more money, lose weight, become healthier, psychic or whatever it is that you are writing about… That said – here are my two top tips for keeping your blog looking great for the presentational “snobs” that will stop by and check out your stuff!

Invest in a premium template

A premium template is simply a blog design that has a price tag. (There are lots of FREE templates that are of premium quality if you look..:-) But these templates are geared more to the professional blogger, and have a much more CMS oriented look with symmetrical advert spots, a more polished sheen, and simply look better than your typical WordPress theme. These sorts of sites have become increasingly popular over the past 8 or 9 months, with LOTS of really appealing magazine, news and smooth looking stuff readily available, even to the coding newbie. I personally use premium templates on ALL my sites, and they look FAR better than the hack designs I previously created myself.

Collect Killer Plugins

There are lots of FREE plugins that will simply give your blog a more finished feel if you can’t spring for the 100 bucks for a premium style template. Gravatars for authors and commentators, recently posted plugins with thumbnails, image resizers, popular posts, you name it, you can install it if you are running WordPress. In my not so humble opinion, a decent looking blog with great flow between your related content will outperform a pretty blog that is dull and drab on the user experience side.

Again, being a good looking guy myself, having an attractive blog is important to me..;-) But – don’t over think it, or spend WAY too much time on this side of the street. as someone who obsesses over analytics can tell you, the way your site “looks” will be far more important to you, than it will be to them. Good content remains, evergreen – king of the hill!


Source by Ian Hollander

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