How to Make WordPress Mobile Ready


Want to learn how make your WordPress blog mobile ready? why would you want to make your WordPress mobile ready? these are two very good questions, and I can give you two good reasons.

1.Google now sends out mobile bots as well as regular bots out to scan websites now, which means that if your site already has good SEO optimization you can start to dominate mobile traffic for your chosen keywords as well.

2. Mobile marketing is still in it infant stages, so for you pay for click marketing gurus out there this means very little competition and very low bid prices on your keywords.

Listen up… this will SHOCK you!

Recently-acquired Gomez (congrats people) performed a report that uncovered most people are irritated with the mobile internet. Two-thirds of people report difficulties accessing internet sites and everyone concurs that the experience is just too slow. There’s huge upside right here for those who know how to create a mobile web page. Hardly anyone is doing it well and a half decent job is now a competitive differentiator.

There are 5 times MORE people who own a mobile device (cell phone) than people who own a home computer! in fact, over 5 Billion people own one of many mobile devices! That’s nearly 75% of the ENTIRE PLANET! With that said, where could you be making money? Online only or mobile? The answer is BOTH!

Lets get back on topic, so if you want to make your WordPress site mobile ready, here is what I did for my WordPress site. First, go to Google and do a search for the term mobile edition plugin, it should be the very first result Google returns.

Download the plugin and save it to the place on your computer that you like download stuff to. Now for the hard part, the file is in zip format so you have to unzip the file into a folder you choose and upload the files to your server through your ftp client, the wp-mobile.php file goes into your plugins folder and the carrington-mobile-1.0.2 folder you upload to your themes folder. Then you can activate the plugin.

That’s it, your WordPress site is now mobile ready. I hope you enjoyed this article.

If these instructions where still too hard to understand or follow there will be a link in the resource to more detailed instructions and videos.


Source by Barry Jennings

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