How to Make Money From Your Blog Using AdSense


AdSense is a free advertising program run by Google that can be easily integrated into your blog hosted on a reliable server. It would generate fair profits for you with no monetary investment. It’s supported by major blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger etc. However, it cannot make you rich overnight. There are some guidelines that need to be followed by you while you integrate it into your blog.

The key to benefit from it is to drive in web traffic to your blog site. Heavy traffic, increased number of clicks on the ads and great profits rolling into your bank account. The outcome is the dream of an entrepreneur.

Hence, online content can help you monetize your writing skills with the help of Google AdSense. There are some vital nuggets of intellect that you must not miss out on if you really wish to monetize your blog:

1) Quality Content: The index of success of Google AdSense on your blog is quality content. Comprehensive research, well-structured blog with popular keywords and right placement of ads would certainly drive in heavy web traffic to your blog site. As more and more visitors would visit your blog site, the probability of ads getting clicked by them would also increase thereby increasing your AdSense earnings.

2) Web Traffic: Clear understanding of SEO plays a key role here. Visitors type in their keyword search query and then land up on your website. Then you must format and optimize your blog in such a way that visitors get what they are looking for. So, it’s essential to understand that your AdSense account won’t increase zeroes in your wallet unless you have incoming traffic on your website.

3) Ad Color Tips: There are again some important tenets that must be kept in mind while integrating Google AdSense account into your blog:

  1. Keep the background color of Ads same as that of template background: You must take into consideration that the ads have the same background color as your website so that ads blend well with the template. The links should be of the same color as that used for the links placed in the content and also the ad description must be of the same color as the content of your blog.
  2. Ads without border perform well: It’s a common observation that borderless ads perform better than ads placed within borders. It has also been seen that big rectangular ads are better since they have higher CTR.

4)Ad Placement: The placement of the ads should be such that they are somewhere around the top of your page or at the prominent places where the visitors are most likely to land up. You can also make use of link units, text units etc. However, avoid their overuse since it poses a setback to earnings per click. Keep playing with the positioning of ads from time to time as this practice contributes in giving a boost to CTR.

5)Monitoring: Keep a regular eye on your AdSense account and finalize targets in respect of CTR and earnings.

6)Web Hosting: Most bloggers choose cheap web hosting for their blogs. This is a common error made by thousands of bloggers. Always use a reliable web host that offers 24 × 7 technical & customer support, backup server, ample bandwidth and disk space etc. Currently, there are many good web hosts operating in the market such as Yahoo!, LimeDomains, FatCow etc.

There are some practices, as listed below, which you must avoid if you want your Google AdSense account to perform well.

  1. Never click on the Google ads yourself.
  2. Never persuade your friends to click on those Google ads.
  3. Never place your Google Ads on adult sites.
  4. Never place Google AdSense ads on the same page with identical ads.
  5. Never tamper with code of Google AdSense.

With this information, you’re all set to monetize your blog. So what are you waiting for? Integrate Google AdSense into your blog today!


Source by Ryan T Hudson

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