How to Make Money Blogging


Most internet marketers are familiar with the SEO benefits of creating and promoting a blog…One extremely controversial topic is centered around how to make money blogging. It’s good to set goals and priorities if you are planning to create a website using WordPress with the ultimate desire being the creation and acquisition of profits and wealth.

One of the most common mistakes made by beginners when embarking on this journey is the lack of proper keyword research. Generally, the people that are the most successful with their web businesses focus on a targeted niche that has a high amount of traffic and a significantly lower amount of competition. I’ve created several blogs and websites in my lifetime and there seems to be a trend regarding the sites that are most successful.

I’ve noticed that you will be most successful with your website if you focus on a niche that has a fair amount of competition and traffic but try to avoid extremely competitive niches such as dieting and credit cards. If you decide to go down that road it will take a very long time for your efforts to bear fruit…

Some of the most popular ways to make money blogging include:

– Selling Advertising Space

– Utilizing Pay Per Click Advertisers

– Selling Products

– Promoting and Marketing Affiliate Offers

There are several more ways to generate profits from your blog but the previous suggestions are probably the most popular. Many people use blogs to fuel and promote their physical businesses. Generally prospective clients like to learn more about a business before making their financial decision regarding the process of retaining services.

If you’re really interested in how to make money blogging, you might want to spend some time researching things like search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and spend some time reading the most popular blogs to get ideas…


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