How To Make A Voucher Website With WordPress


Step 1) Get a name and a host

The first step in the process is very easy, you need to find a unique URL and somewhere to host it. There are plenty of website hosts about, look either for one that offers 1-click WordPress installations or at the very least can provide a MySQL database. Create your account, register a URL and that’s the first step complete.

Step 2) Create the blog

Possibly a little more work here! If you have a 1-click installation from your hosts then fine, else go to, download the latest release, unzip it and FTP the files following your host’s instructions. You will also need to create the database and update the config file to provide logon details.

Next, whichever step you are using you give the blog a name and create your user id. Don’t use ‘Admin’ as the user id, instead use something tricky to guess and use a strong password. Protect that blog!

Step 3) Make it look nice

Search the internet for some free WordPress themes and download a few, install them and try them out. You want that site looking the best it can do, not as though it was put together in an hour (which it was!).

Step 4) Find some voucher codes

Sign up to some big affiliate networks (join local affiliate forums to find the recommended sites) and start joining merchants. Some of these will email you codes.

But it is also well worth go directly to non-affiliate merchants and signing up to their newsletters and adding their vouchers. You aren’t going to get paid for these, but not so many people will publish them. This means that lots more people will find your site through these rarer voucher codes an it gives your users more value. This means they are more likely to stick with you!

Step 5) Publish the codes

When you have a code to display, create a new post. Include the full voucher details and an affiliate link to the merchant’s website. You can use the WordPress category structure to categories your vouchers, maybe by merchant name or product type (or both). For example, visitors looking for sports shoes can then click the relevant category and see what’s on offer.

Take this a step further and use the tags to mark posts with various end dates. A lot of merchants don’t allow you to display old vouchers, so you can use the tags to group expired offers so that you can quickly go in to the old posts and edit them, or at least mark them as expired!


Source by Keith Lunt

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