How to Make a Free Website in a Few Easy Steps


Learning how to make a free website is super easy. There are basically two ways you can get a Free Site.

1. How To Make A Free Website Using By Piggybacking off a Blogging site such as Blogspot or WordPress.

Piggybacking off one of these large blogging companies you can get your free site set up and running in only in a few minutes.

The downside of this however is your domain name. Your domain name will inevitably be “YourUniqueID” period “WordPress” or “Blogspot” period “the extension – which can,.org,.ca,.net etc…. Your domain will be a hassle to remember, very long to type out and look highly unprofessional, especially if you are a company.

Which leads to our second type of free web site.

2. How To Make A Free Website Using templates to power your site. is free and will provide you with the backend you need for your domain name so that your website will be running in a mete minutes. They have thousands of beautiful templates to choose from.

All you need to do is buy a hosting package. Some of them even come with free domain names.

To be clear, hosting is what will allow everyone in the world to see your website. Your hosting is essentially the land for your website (house). Without a host, your address won’t go anywhere.

Don’t worry hosting isn’t much. It’s about $7-8 a month. You can even make this money back per month by putting ads on your website.

See learning how to make a free website isn’t so hard when you have the basics in place!


Source by Debbie Prim

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