How to Keep a Blog Post on the Front Page For Longer on WordPress


There are times when you have a post that is evergreen and want it to stay on your index page. WordPress will normally move each post down the page as you add additional content. This can be a problem if you want to highlight a specific post on your home page.

Now there are many reason that you might want to highlight a post.

  • You create a welcome post that you want all to see first.
  • You could have a very useful topic that you want to highlight.
  • You want to highlight a product review.
  • Or any other reason that you could thin of to do this.

The reason is not important to this article that is entirely up to you as the blog owner. The key is how can you accomplish this.

It only takes a few changes to how you normally post to have this happen.

  1. Write your post as you normally would.
  2. When you are ready to publish it click on edit link next to visibility in the publish area.
  3. Click the box next to “Stick this post on the front page”.
  4. Publish your post.

If you already have a post that you would like to show on the top of the index page the process is almost the same except you need to go into the edit post function and follow steps 2 through 4.

You can do this with more than one post but they will show on the front page in the descending order that you published them. The latest post you made sticky will always show at the top. If you had a greeting post and added another sticky post you would need to edit the greeting post again to keep it on top.


Source by Michael J Paetzold

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