How to Install an RSS Feed in WordPress


Obtaining and adding fresh new content to your website or blog is one of the most valuable tasks every webmaster must complete on a regular basis or at the very least, see to it that it is added one way or another. RSS feeds can be a great way to get a steady stream of fresh valuable content added to your site regularly. This is not to say that you shouldn’t also publish your own unique content, you should do that on a regular basis as well. You can turn your visitors into returning customers by making sure that there is always fresh, relative content available for them to enjoy.

There are many different add-ons, widgets, and plugins available free across the internet that make installing an RSS feed into your website or blog extremely simple. If you are using a WordPress blog as your CMS then adding a RSS plugin to automate the process of importing feeds to your blog is a snap. There are several available, free of charge right from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Your first step to getting your plugin is to login to your WordPress admin panel and click on Plugins and then Add New. To find a plugin simply search RSS and a whole list of them will appear. I have tried a couple different ones and prefer the KB Advanced RSS Widget. Although I have in the past and do currently still use others. When making your selection, keep your site in mind and try to choose one that will fully meet your needs. Most are the same as far as operation, but there are variances in appearance.

Once you have chosen a plugin to install simply click on Install to the left of its description and then Install again on the page that pops up. Next you will need to click to Activate the plugin.

From here you will need to go to your Widgets that you can find under Appearance. All you have to do from here is place your new RSS widget where you would like it in your sidebar and enter your RSS feed URL and any other options that your specific version offers. Viola, Your plugin is installed and showing a new RSS feed working on your blog.

As wonderfully easy as it is to ensure your website or blog is continually being updated you should never rely on this, or any other source, as your sole source of providing updates to your site. Remember that the content from these feeds are used by many, many people deeming it not original. It is very important that you understand that every site needs unique, original content added regularly. Without your own unique content, your site is not truly yours and the traffic that may across your path most likely will not return.


Source by Karen Olszewski

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