How to Host High Volume WordPress Blogs


When we initially set out to make our new website, we seldom have the thought that it will one day become a huge hit which will be popular with millions of people. After spending considerable time on a site though, when you see it start growing and making money, you do harbor thoughts like stated above. One fine day, you will wake up and see that your site has outgrown its current platform and you need to shift it to a bigger and better server. As soon as you start accumulation high traffic, you will need to a server that is capable of hosting a high volume WordPress blogs.

The static content which is hosted on your web server slows down the response time of your site for your visitors. This can be quite irritating for a visitor who is always on the lookout for sites that are blazing fast. In order to succeed with your website, you have to respect the needs of your visitors as they are the ones who make money for you.

You have a few options here. Firstly, you can choose to go with CDN servers (Content Delivery Network) which is immensely fast. A CDN server can handle huge traffic, especially static content without affecting the response time of your site. In fact it speeds up the process by seven times as far as statistics are concerned. The CDN server is basically a bunch of servers at different parts of the world which share the same data. When a person from Austria is searching for your website he/she will access the website from the server that is closest to him/her which makes the whole process extremely fast for the user.

People who can afford it should look to use CDN as it is way better than anything out there at the present time. People who have large sites which are accessed millions of times each day/week/month should look to shift to CDN servers as these cut the response time by seven times. The cost of CDN server depends not on the amount of storage that you require but on the bandwidth that you require for your website. It is quite competitively priced and definitely not out of reach for the sites which needs such a web hosting service.

Alternatively, you can apply for VIP WordPress hosting. It costs a bomb at $2500 for five sites and $500 for each site on top of that. There is also the set up fee of $1500 for each site that you put up. As the name suggests, this service from WordPress is currently aimed at only the most high profile websites and enterprisers. VIP WordPress hosting also makes use of CDN servers which can handle any amount of load that you are willing to put up on the site. There is a lot of security assistance along with maintenance tools that are very well designed. WordPress allows a considerable amount of liberty to the websites which use its VIP services at the present time. A website owner can concentrate more on his content and all the technicalities are taken care of by the WordPress VIP support team.


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