How to Get Your Website Indexed by Search Engines in 24 Hours Or Less!


If you own a website, maybe you’re asking to yourself, “Why my website got zero visits from search engine robots?” Well, if you face the problem that I had in the first month I started my online journey, then Congratulations! Because I’ve just crack the code about how to get your website visited by the search engine robot in 24 hours or less!

Okay, the very first thing to do is you must install blogging platform on your website. There’s so many blogging platform on the internet like Drupal, Blogger, WordPress, etc.

Next, maybe you already know about WordPress, WordPress is a blogging platform that very famous nowadays. Simply I say, WordPress is the best blogging platform to get your website get search engine robot visit fast! I don’t know why.

This is based on my experience. When I build my website, I installed WordPress, and BAM! Suddenly I got search engine robot visit. You may not believe me, but this really work! One day I write my first post, after I finished, I just post it to my blog and suddenly, the magic happen! My website got indexed fast.

WordPress have ability to ping your post right after you make it. Simply I say, ping is the simplest way to tell search engine robot that your website has been added a new and fresh content. You know that search engine really in love with highly updated website.

In my opinion, search engine like Google loves WordPress so much. You can try it for yourself. If your website got indexed by search engine, your website visitor likely will be more targeted and that definitely will make you more sales and money. Try it now for your benefits!


Source by Jordan Jones

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