How to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Link


Affiliate marketing can be a profitable alternative to working your typical 9 to 5. Imagine being able to work less hours from the comfort of your own home while making more money?

The key to success with affiliate marketing all boils down to one thing. Knowing how to get traffic to your affiliate link. Without any traffic it doesn’t matter how good the offer is.

So here is a simple strategy you can use to drive massive traffic to your affiliate link.

First of all put it on a landing page by using a free blogging platform like WordPress, Squidoo, blogger, etc. The benefit of using these platforms is that they will save you time. If you know HTML and can design a custom landing page for yourself, great.

The second step is to spend 80% of your time using a variety of formats to drive traffic to your landing page in order to expose the maximum amount of visitors in the shortest amount of time.

The key here is not to dilute your efforts by spreading your promotions all over the place. Your mission is to jam as much traffic into that link as possible. Believe it or not you’ll see results really quick if you do it like this. You can use the same strategy to build a huge list.

With your free blog setup with your affiliate link you can do article marketing with a link or two in your bio box pointing back to your blog that has… your affiliate link.

You can use social bookmarking to position your free blog with your affiliate link right in the middle of the busiest traffic sources on the planet.

Write a short report and plant your affiliate link in it and submit to free eBook and download directories to get in front of a mass of eyeballs.

Set up a schedule for implementing these methods so that you can conduct a massive focused traffic campaign to your affiliate link. Most importantly of all commit to taking action daily and watch the commissions roll in.


Source by Fernando Morales

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