How to Earn Money Blogging in WordPress


Blogging is one of the very promising ways by which one can generate revenue without putting too much effort into it. As such, if you are a blogger with an authoritative blog and are wondering of ways by which you can learn how to earn money blogging in WordPress, here are three simple and easy to execute ways that will instantly turn your blogging hobby into a well paying business:


Essentially, this is the kind of content that is available to a few select members. To put this into action, one would need to have high traffic, loyal readers and high quality content. This is based on the fact that if people like the content being offered for free, they will have no problem paying a fee to access the premium content. Content that would be great for premium may include videos, tutorials and / or eBooks.


Another lucrative way through which you can learn how to earn money blogging in WordPress would be by including classifieds section. This would be attained by asking people to pay a small fee so as to be allowed to advertise for their goods and services. In layman’s language, create a community notice-board within the site.


If your blog has high traffic and is highly authoritative, other bloggers will want to post on the blog or become a part of the blog. This will require that you first upgrade your blog so that it becomes a multi-site thus enabling other bloggers set up mini-blogs. But, for them to join this multi-site, they would have to buy your blogging space. As such, creating a paid blogging network unquestionably gives you the ideal avenue through which you can start learning how to earn money blogging in WordPress.

Other lesser but promising ways through which you can start learning how to earn money blogging in WordPress include signing up for Pay Per Click Advertising. Thus, whenever someone clicks on any third party advertisements on your blog, you earn. You can also do affiliate marketing such that whenever someone clicks and buys an item you’ve featured on the blog, you get a commission. Lastly, you can sell advertisement space. These advertisements can be featured on the blog’s sidebars.

Adopting some or all of these tactics is hence-by guaranteed to make you earn more than just a decent earning through blogging.


Source by Wade Byrd

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