How to Disable Comments in WordPress


You are being bombarded by spam and are wondering how to disable the comments in WordPress. There is no need to worry as it is a very simple procedure. Some may wonder why comments were ever allowed or why they were desired to begin with. Originally, the comments feature was a part of the Web 2.0 mindset and it allowed the reader to interact with the blogs author. It fostered a sense of community. People could tell the author they agreed or disagreed with the post and it gave the author a sense of feedback. Then the Spam Beast entered the garden.

With the invention of software design to automatically add comments to thousands of blogs at a time, blog owners soon were under an attack. A well written post about political corruption was soon receiving the standard comment. I like your blog, Go to my site to buy your medications. And while some comments were not added to the blog automatically, the blog owner was forced to weed through these comments for ones that were not spam. So if you want to disable the comments you will first need to login to your WordPress Admin Panel.

Under the listings in the Dashboard you will find the heading “Comments”. While this may seem simple enough, this option is only good if you wish to accept or delete the comments. Since the comment feature is automatically enabled, you will need to go here to prune through the comments. You cannot disable the comment feature here and this is what sometimes causes bloggers confusion as they attempt to disable the comments features.

To disable this feature you must go to the Discussions Tab under Settings. Here you will see many different options. You cannot retroactively disable this feature. Rather you will only be able to disable comments on new articles. To do this, go to Default Article Settings and uncheck the box marked “allow people to comment on new articles”

To protect older entries from having comments added check the box next to “User must be registered and logged in to comment” and the box next to “Administrator must always approve comments”. These simple steps will prevent unwanted comments from appearing on your blog. If you have many older postings you may also want to uncheck the box next to “E-mail me whenever anyone posts a comment”. This will prevent you from getting those annoying e-mails whenever the comment software leaves a comment on your older posts.


Source by Alan Broderick

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