How to Deal With a Heavy Traffic WordPress Blog


Most times, the issue of traffic rarely comes up when you are considering getting a WordPress blog for your personal use. In fact, more often than not, we are not even aware that they would have traffic to their blogs. But the subliminal truth is that every blog’s desire is to attract more and more attention, and this will result in an upsurge of traffic into the blog. However, the magnitude of the traffic is the issue at stake here. How do you handle a situation where you suddenly find that you have attracted more traffic than you think you can handle? You have to know whether your blog has enough resources to cope with the traffic situation.

WordPress, on the other hand, is built to handle a lot of traffic. However, of course, you would still have a need to optimize your website so it can also function to withstand the traffic strain. You see, the more people are accessing your website, the more you would need to have your site loading faster so people can get a better chance of seeing all your posts. If you think the WordPress platform might have some flaws or issues that might prove fatal under high traffic, forget. WordPress will aptly accommodate your traffic. The real problem will come from other sources you need to cover right now.

If you are one of those people who have their web host on a private server for example, you should make sure you have verified and found out that your server can handle high traffic. If you find out that your website is getting a lot of hits per day and your server is getting lesser and lesser able to handle this, than you might need to transfer to another server with lesser hosted sites, a dedicated server or to a general network that I sure to handle the traffic situation a lot better.

If you have handled the server situation and you are sure you have it optimized to handle the large traffic, then you might also have to do some things to your site to ensure that you are better equipped to handle the excess traffic. For example, you could use the WP-Cache and the WP-Super Cache are Plugins you could install on your WordPress blog to ensure that your page loads a lot faster than if it were to be used ordinarily. If you have a lot of glitter that might not be too useful, you might want to cut down on some of them. As you well know, graphics are the number one contributors to a slow loading of web pages. Therefore, to get a faster page load, you would be doing yourself a favor if you get lesser graphics on your page. In terms of Plugin use also, ensure that you only use Plugins that are important. Do not make use of such Plugins that would aid in slowing down your website unnecessarily.


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