How to Create Your Own WordPress Blog


Your blog is your social hub, it is in the center of all your efforts on social media marketing. It is your social media home page where everything you do comes from your blog and is sourced back to your blog.. All the content you create is going to originate from your blog. It is a very crucial part of the puzzle here with social media marketing.

You can place buttons on your blog for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.. All of these are here so you can send people to your social networking sites so they’re able to follow you elsewhere. And then on all your individual accounts, you can link back to your blog. That way everything is interlinked together. Forming this social web is a VERY very powerful thing to do.

What I’m going to teach you is: How to create a WordPress blog. There are many blogging sites out there you can choose from, many of which are free. They will even host your blog for you like, bloggers, but I recommend that you create your blog with, not is bar none the best blogging program that you could get online. The best part is you can host it your self.

The reason that’s so important is because when you actually host your blog yourself that means that you own it. You own the rights to your blog so nobody else can take it down. When you create an account on Twitter,Facebook or YouTube, those sites hosting your page for you and they can take it away from you anytime they want. You deftinitely do want that to happen with your blog. I have heard of people’s accounts on bloggers being taken down. So to own your own blog hosting is a much better idea and you absolute want to do that.

Also there lots of different features and options that you could do with WordPress that you can’t do with the other blogging sites. So WordPress is for serious entrepreneurs and people that are serious about creating wealth using social media.

I’m probably going to give you some technology you haven’t heard before- but don’t worry about being intimidated. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve, but once you get going, you will find it is really quite simple. So just hang in with me, stick with it and don’t get overwhelmed. You take it step by step and take it one bite at a time. You will absolutely get it done in no time and you will be so thankful and so happy that you did! WordPress is absolutely the way to go!

I have posted a link at the end of this article to my blog where you will find a video instruction and a downloadable Microsoft document with step by step instructions for you to get started. From there, you can print the instructions or watch the video and stop and pause as you go through the steps.

Here are the abbreviated steps to get you started. Again, for full instructions, follow the link at the end for indepth video training-for free.

1. Purchase your domain. (Preferably your full name)

2. Sign up for a hosting account- I like to use HostGator

3. Change Your Nameservers

4. Go to fantastico through the back your Cpanel to create your WordPress blog.

5. Download and install your FTP client.

5. Log into your WordPress back office. – This is where you will create all of your blog posts!

Now you are ready to go out there and start blogging!


Source by Julianna Brower

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