How To Create A WordPress Blog – The Easy Way!


Do you want to learn, how to create a WordPress blog? Learning how to create a WordPress blog does not have to be hard. WordPress is set up to be very simple and easy to use. Don’t mistake ease of use for lack of quality though. While it’s super easy, it’s also very much cutting edge. There are plug-ins that you can adapt to suit your needs, and hundreds of layout choices for you to pick from.

Let’s back up and go over why you would want to know how to create a WordPress blog. Most people have figured out that there is money to be made on the web. Internet shopping continues to increase even though we are in an economical crisis right now, and it is expected to continue to grow. With all of this, of course there is money to be made on the web. Getting your piece of the Internet pie is a little easier to do with your own website. Of course this is not mandatory, but it is easier to keep track of things so that you can increase your profits later.

Many people have figured this out too; that owning a website increases profits, but are overwhelmed by the prospect of actually making the site even if it’s a blog site. Knowing HTML codes and getting them onto the web is not something that is easy at all. Too many people want a website, but cannot get one up because of how hard it use to be. Yes, use to be. Learning how to create a WordPress blog is something that will only take you a few minutes to understand. It may take longer to pick out what colors and layout schemes you want to use than to actually learn the program. It may also take a bit to set up the plug-ins you want as well.

As someone who has never built a site before, I have to tell you that learning how to create a WordPress blog was super easy. It, literally, only took a few minutes. I spent longer read the instructions and hints then I did actually creating the site. You may wonder why I spent so long reading; it’s because I wanted to make sure I had it set up the way I wanted it. I did want it to make money, so I took the time and read the hints and went through the steps the way they said.

I cannot promise that you will get everything you need with the WordPress blog software. You will have to get your own domain name, and web hosting. That is all you are going to need though it’s not all I would recommend. I have found a super easy way to create WordPress websites and that is by using the WordPress Express. With this set up you get the program, open it up, click create a new blog, enter your domain name, choose your layout, review your choices, and then create the site. It’s fast, simple, and looks great. There will be a little bit of delay on the web. It may take about ten minutes for your website to show up. Once it does, then all you are left with is customizing your site to make it yours!


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