How to Create a Review Site With WordPress


When someone searches for a product, they often want to read product reviews. After reading one, they just may decided to buy the product through the link so considerately provided. As an intrepid internet marketer, you of course seek to capitalize on that. But how? Create a review site with WordPress.

It’s not that difficult to do. If you have your own hosting, you can easily install WordPress either through Fantastico or uploading it to your server. After installing, you’ll notice that WordPress comes with two basic themes. Select your theme. You can also go to (CHECK) to choose from a broader selection of themes.

After you choose your theme, you’ll need to customize it to create a review site. You’ll need to remove the dates from the postings. Also consider embedding a video, making a relevant banner, inserting your links, and overall, making it look professional. You’ll need a decent working knowledge of HTML, as well as an understanding of CSS and how stylesheets work.

Of course, you could just leave the theme the way it came and hope for the best. But if you want to know how to create the best review site using WordPress, you need a theme designed specifically for that.

For a small price, you can have your website up and running in under 10 minutes. No customization of HTML, no messing with style sheets. And if you want to do more than one review site, you have a template ready to go to work with.

To install the right theme, all you have to do is purchase a professionally designed theme, download it to your computer, upload it to your website, activate it in WordPress, and fill in the posts. This will save you literally hours in creating your WordPress review site. It will also get your site live sooner, with results sooner.

Now, you think that a theme like this would be expensive, but I’ve found a really affordable option. Not only is it a professional theme, it comes with one on one support.


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