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So many people are finding themselves looking for ways to create additional income due to our economy. Many are looking for a second job, and some are looking for their 3 job.

There are other groups of people that are trying to find out how to make additional income online by creating a home based business of their own.

In this article will be some simple techniques used by so many people today that are looking for a blueprint of making their own blog. Blogging has quickly become one of the best ways to create additional income online.

Would you like to know how to create a blog?

How about a blogging system for newbies?

Most people that are searching for ways to make money online, or that are wanting to make money blogging are ones that are newbies, and have no computer skills, or experience with online marketing.

How To Create A Blog is a question that will come up for most people that are looking for ways to create additional income online, or maybe just have their own personal website.

You will first start by getting a domain name at any of the domain providers like Go or any domain provider. Next add your blogging platform, then you will want to research what plugins are the best for that platform. I like the WordPress SEO plugin, the Pinger plugin, and some type of tracking plugin as well.

There are hundreds of different plugins to use, however you will want to make sure that the ones you install are good, and will not allow hackers to come in through them. Do your research!

Now that you have WordPress installed on your domain name, the plugins installed, your profile all set up, now you can start blogging by going to your post tab, click add new, and write your blog post with title.

There are many ways to set the blog website up. You can have your blog page as your first page like many do, or you can have a actual landing page for maybe your business, or something you are promoting. Your blog page would show up as another page which is the better way to do it.

The easiest way for the brand new person is to find a blogging website that is already set up, optimized, all plugins added, and you just start making daily post. This approach will take all the stress off of you, and allow you to get started much faster than building your own website.

How to create a blog is a puzzle to many, however it is really simple if you are using the right system that will basically walk you through each component step by step. I encourage you to find a simple step by step system that you can follow through video tutorials, etc.

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