How to Build a Business Online – From Scratch


Selling an online business service may require less capital than a company selling a physical product. Which is ideal if you have a low budget to start your online business.

All successful products and services are designed to solve a problem for a customer.

Start your business by identifying a customer problem and solve that problem with a product or service.

  1. Know who your customer is: How does your customer shop? is it online, is it by credit card, do they purchase related products? Be able to track your customers buying habits to find a history of what they have purchased enabling you to target them with related products. – Do a customer survey. Are they mostly women, what age are they, how much are they willing to pay for your product? This will help you focus and pinpoint with more accuracy where to advertise and who to. – Develop a Marketing strategy with your ideal customer in mind. Find out if they are on Facebook, YouTube or reading a magazine, then target these with your advertising campaign.
  2. Solving a customer’s problem: People buy when they have a problem, it’s usually urgent so be quick and efficient at fulfilling their needs. – Ask your existing clients what their major problems are and see if you can provide a solution. – Know your Industry or niche, look at your competitors, what are they offering that you don’t.

Once you have this knowledge you can design your online business. Create an engaging website that is easy to navigate. Post good content that keeps viewers coming back to your site. As customers use your products and get the results they want they may buy from you again.

Loyal customers will recommend your products. Generating referrals are the fastest way to grow your sales and will naturally create Brand Loyalty.

Getting Your Product Online

It is critical that you have an engaging, simple to use website. WordPress is by far the easiest I have found (being non-techy) and is used by over 20% of all sites on the Internet. Your goal is to provide value, information and an easy way to buy your product.

1. Advertise & Marketing: Get yourself on Facebook. There are 1 billion people on Facebook every’s mind blowing. Someone somewhere needs your product, but before you self-combust and declare that you don’t know how… remember we all have to start somewhere and If you are serious about being Online then get on Facebook. Enroll on an Internet course, Do your research as there are hundreds of courses out there to choose from. Please make sure they teach you how to use

Market your site on all the Social Media platforms that your customers are on IE Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest to name a few.

2. Be consistent: Post regularly and keep your information up to date, you could offer a discount or a free download. Set yourself a time limit every day to market your product. Use e.ggtimer this is a fantastic tool enabling you not to lose track of time, it rings a bell every 25 minutes so you can stop and move onto something else.

3. Get Help – If like me you have limited savings and couldn’t afford to pay for help use online tutorials from YouTube. Google and YouTube anything and everything you need to know But be careful. I found that some YouTube videos are out of date especially when trying to keep up with the changes that some companies IE Facebook make (it feels like every 5 minutes) It is incredibly frustrating when you try and compare what’s on your screen to what you are looking at on the YouTube video.

4. Provide an opt-in button: Make it easy for your customers to opt-in to your emails or subscribe to your site. If a viewer subscribes to your site then they are more likely to buy from you.

5. Track: It’s important to know who is buying your product and what they are buying. Analysis your website traffic, the number of opt-ins and percentage of viewers you who convert to customers.


Source by Louise Hunt

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