How To Avoid Spam Comments On WordPress Blogs – Not An Easy Task


If you run a WordPress blog, you have probably encountered the problem with spam comments. There are several ways to limit spam, although it’s getting more and more difficult to avoid, since spammers are using more clever methods.

You should probably use all the following means to avoid those useless comments on your blog:

1 – Use the correct settings

Some blog owners will put your comment in moderation each time you write on their blog. Personally, I think this is going too far, but yes, you will only let little spam slip through, if you use this method.

However, it would mean that you should spend a lot of time reading comments and moderating them, also from repeated and trusted commenters.

A better way would be to check “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” under Settings -> Discussion.

You will save time, and it’s very unlikely at least at present that somebody leaves a serious comment, and then comes back to spam the next time.

As spammers get smarter, this might chance.

2 – Use a plugin or two

The plugin Akismet will save you a lot of time. It will automatically filter out spam comments, but should it make mistakes you can correct them by marking the message as okay.

While Akismet protects you from spam by a filtering method, SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam will make it impossible for robots to write on your blog. It will place a CAPTCHA code within the comment box, and it will take a human being to read and copy the letters in it.

3 – Use a search engine

Here’s the problem: You might have spam comments on your blog without knowing it.

Just today, I received a very polite comment to one of my blog posts. It sounded totally relevant, and I was flattered by the writer’s final words: “I like your style”.

Still smiling, but nevertheless, somewhat skeptic, I did a search for another phrase within the comment. And “Bingo”, there it was as a comment to another person’s blog, written by somebody else.

So, you see, those spammers are now copying already approved comments and will re-use them on your blog, when they can. Don’t fall for this trick. Do a research, before you approve a comment.

You only need to copy something not generic from the comment, and paste it into a search engine with quotes around. If you don’t get any results, nice, then you can safely approve the comment. If you do, however, check if the rest is also similar to what you’ve received, and in that situation, reject it.

You are doing both yourself and your readers a huge favour.


Source by Britt Malka

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