How-To Add Animated GIF Files to WordPress


Adding animation.gif files to WordPress can prove frustrating, even for the most experienced blogger. I know! I encountered the same problem and spent several hair-pulling hours absorbed in help forums to find the resolution. I don’t want anyone else to go through the confusion and frustration of scouring through all that mess to find the simple resolution.

So, getting down to the nitty-gritty, I discovered there are three main issues that can prevent your.gif file from being viewed or animating on a WordPress blog:

1.) Make sure your.gif image is below 500 pixels. I went for much less at 350X200 pixels. Various theme templates allow for different sizes, but none usually allow for files larger than 500 pixels. It’s best to be safe by making sure your file is well below the maximum allowed for most themes.

2.) Reduce the image size BEFORE loading the.gif file. If you reduce it through the WordPress “edit” tool, it will NOT work. WordPress must recognize the file as being “full size” for it to load appropriately.

3.) Change your theme. There are several free themes offered on WordPress, and some don’t allow for animated.gif files, period. Try changing themes and loading your file.

When I loaded my animated.gif file, it appeared to have loaded successfully. I could see the animation, and everything seemed correctly done. But when I checked my main blog page – nothing. I read where some other bloggers could at least see an image, but it wasn’t animating. Whereas, when I went to my blog’s main page, nothing showed-up – nothing. I was so confused and reading through the “help” forum on WordPress, only left me more confused.

Often with help forums, there are a lot of “experts” chiming-in with not-so-helpful advice. Sometimes, they demonstrate a lack of patience (I witnessed that), or speak in technical jargon that’s not easily understood by the average social media rookie. I witnessed several “experts” chime-in on one question and argue among themselves about the resolution, which is not fun for the novice, who’s seeking a quick and simple resolution.

As for me, I reduced my animated.gif file size three times, and it still wouldn’t display. Changing my theme resolved the problem. After spending hours scouring blogs for a variety of unhelpful steps and working through a lot of trial and error, I discovered the three main problems that can prevent your.gif files from loading and/or animating.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!


Source by Laurie A Lee-Davies

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