How RSS Content Automation Can Help You Dominate the Search Engines


If you have not yet unleashed the full power of RSS for your website you need to read every word of this article carefully. I’m going to explain how you can use RSS to automate publishing content, build links and bring in traffic for you all on it’s own. I’ve got something to admit.. I’m addicted to RSS! Let me show you why. Let’s say we want to create a site on, dogs.

I can just go to Google alerts and start a news feed. (sign up for a Google account, go to manage account and find alerts) What this does is it will search the web for breaking news about “dogs” and will pull it into a news feed for you. It will take a little time for the feed to find news.

I use WordPress to publish with a plugin called “feedwordpress” to syndicate the news to my blogs. It’s as easy as copy & paste, put the Google alert feed into feedwordpress and all of a sudden you have an instant site publishing breaking dog news. (Ok I know dog news isn’t too exciting but it’s just an example!) So we have an automated dog news website, but how are people going to find it? Again RSS allows you to automate much of the promotion of the website as well! WordPress will have it’s own RSS feed, of all the articles published on your site. We can take your RSS feed and plug it into a nice free site called You add your RSS feed into twitterfeed and have it update to Ping FM takes your updates and sends them out to a giant list of sites all across the internet. will send out between 1-5 updates on a schedule you set, that will automatically post updates of new news with links back to your site! Now you have a site that publishes it’s own news and builds it’s own links! How cool is that? As I’m writing this article I have 16 blogs, publishing news, posting to twitter, blogger WordPress, and more. All of it done automatically for me 24 hours a day. Wouldn’t you like more time to do the things that matter in your life and business? Put RSS content automation to work for you!


Source by Shawn Christopher Mason

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