How Much Does It Cost to Create a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?


It is without doubt that hosting a blog is a costly affair. Even though WordPress is a free blogging as well as CMS software, it will still cost you some money to install and run the website. You can download WordPress software for free online but it is not going to be of great help unless it is installed on a server. WordPress is merely a software that you will use for creating the blog. In order to run the blog, you will need a server, and to get a server you will need to pay your web hosting provider.

The costs of a self-hosted WordPress blog will depend on your requirements. If it is a personal blog, it will cost you less money. But if you are creating a business blog or a website that you will be using for serious blogging, you will need to pay more money for a custom theme, premium plugins, SEO among other factors. Once you decide to create a blog, the first thing you will need is a unique domain name. Buying the domain name from a registrar domain company such as Godaddy is going to cost you about 10 to 15 dollars a year. You can also obtain the domain name from a web-hosting company. You won’t need to buy the domain name if the web-hosting company provides it for free.

After you have obtained a domain name for your blog, you will need to host your domain on a web-hosting server. The server stores all your sites’ files and enables people to access your site via the World Wide Web. Different web-hosting companies usually have different types of hosting packages. If you are still new to web-hosting, you can start with shared hosting which is quite affordable and switch later on if need be. Shared hosting is going to cost you only about 60 to 100 dollars per year.

Setting up the blog is going to cost you some money especially if you hire someone to do it for you. But the good thing with WordPress blogs is that they have been designed to be easy to use, so you can be able to set them up on your own. You just need to know the right steps to follow depending on the host that you are using. You can get tutorials on how to set up a WordPress blog on every host online. If you insist on hiring someone, you may need to pay them around $50.

Other costs that you will incur before you get your WordPress blog up and running include WordPress theme cost (about 0$ to $50), WordPress design cost (about $0 to $2000) and WordPress premium plugin cost (about $0 to $100). The range of the cost for these products and services starts from zero because you can get free WordPress themes and plugins, and if you have web design knowledge you can do the design of the blog on your own without hiring a professional. The pricing will vary as per your requirements, so even a premium WordPress can be quite cheaper.


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