How Can I Start a Blog and Get Paid? (Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog From Scratch)


You’ve probably caught wind of how popular blogs are becoming as more and more people realize that starting your own blog is easy and you can actually make money easily with a blog as well. Thankfully, blogs are simple to get created and the investment is next to nothing. This article will discuss exactly what you need to do to get your own profitable blog started.

To simplify the process of starting a blog, take the first step by finding a web host that offers one-click WordPress blog installation. You can choose a domain name for your blog that tells your readers something about what you have to offer and actually get your blog set up and ready to earn you money within seconds. If you hate the technical stuff like I do, or if you’re new to it all and don’t want to have to hire a web designer, then this is the way to go.

Now for the money making part! There are many ways you can monetize your blog but I recommend if you’re just starting out that before trying any others, you master the art of affiliate marketing. Affiliate blog marketing means referring your blog readers to products and services that they could benefit from. By doing so, you receive commissions for anything they buy.

Making money from your blog is as simple as creating great content on your blog that your readers truly benefit from. In doing so, you establish your authority as an expert on your topic and your readers take your advice on anything you recommend (including your affiliate products).


Source by Keith D. Michaels

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