Help For Your Mom Blog – A Beginners Guide


So you are either starting your Mom Blog or you have been blogging for a couple months now. At this point you are wanting to know how to become a much larger blogger than you are so that you can make a living or even some extra change in your pocket to support your habit. There are quite a few resources out there but you want to take baby steps first, eventually you will become better at what you are doing and reaching newer and better heights with your blog.

First things first is you want to buy your own domain name. While this may only confuse you and you don’t want to spend the money on what you may only consider as a hobby now, it is truly worth it. It allows you to brand your blog and even turn it into a site rather than a customized journal running off another persons juice. Just remember when this is all confusing what is yours should be yours.

Next thing is to consider going over to your own web hosting service. This goes right along with buying your own domain and giving you full control over what is yours. If you do end up making the splash into a self hosting blog, consider using WordPress as your blogging platform. I use it myself and it gives me full control over my site and what I want on my site not limited to it’s content. WordPress even offers plugins to optimize search engine optimization, ad revenue and more.

The next think you want to look into, social networking and social bookmarking sites. Both of these will prove to be invaluable when promoting your blog, branding your blog, creating back links and more. Some of the most popular and user friendly of these are: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and Delicious. These you can also incorporate into blogs posts giving your readers an easy way to share your content.

Up next is to comment on other blogs you find by search through blog search sites. This is a great way to build up your networking and make friends along the way. There are sites too that are Mom Blog Communities that you can join to build friendships, network and increase awareness of your own site. There are also directories focused on niches such as Mom Blogs that you can submit your rss feed and website to.

Now that you have begun the simple steps of increasing traffic and awareness to your site, you can begin researching how to increase the revenue from your site and become the blogger you want to be.


Source by Brittany Greer

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