Getting Started – .Net Manual Install

The PlusCaptcha.Net client is the latest add-on project that allows web sites and web applications running with Microsoft .net to implement PlusCaptcha into their site or application!

Like it’s WordPress and PHP predecessor, integrates with your existing PlusCaptcha account.

PlusCaptcha accounts are unique per username (by email address) and password. Because each PlusCaptcha account has size, control, and style settings that vary by site or application, a user will need to have a PlusCaptcha.Net compiled instance per web site / domain, and per application installation (unique instance per customer).

Custom integration support is available on an hourly fee basis.

Get started by implementing this plug-in into your web site or web application!


You will need to edit the Constants.cs file in this project, and recompile prior to incorporating into your site or application.

Download it here.