Getting Started – I Don’t Use WordPress!

For those of you that like the functionality and effect of PlusCaptcha, but do not have a WordPress site, you are in luck!

If your web site uses PHP, you can STILL use PlusCaptcha!

A. Register For PlusCaptcha

  1. Use the registration page at to sign-up and use PlusCaptcha.
  2. Use the site admin’s email address for the WordPress site that you are working with.
  3. Once your sign-up is complete, follow the below steps to integrate PlusCaptcha into your PHP:

B. Integrating PlusCaptcha code:

Log in to your PlusCaptcha service account here:

Save your difficulty, size, and background color selections – and then click SAVE.

Then click the option “PHP Without Script Packages”.

In the following screen, click answer to the question “How do you want to pass the UUID (Unique User ID) from one script to another?”

  • Session PHP
  • IP Deduction
  • By INPUT

And then click the PHP method you wish to use, to call The PlusCaptcha Service:

  • fgets() & fopen()
  • file_get_contents()
  • curl_init()

After you have chosen one of each variable/setting, sample source code will be presented to you. You simply copy that source code into your site, where you desire the PlusCaptcha to appear.