Free Nonprofit Web Templates for Your Nonprofit Website


If your nonprofit organization still does not have a nonprofit website, it is time to get such a website. The website will help you to keep in touch with your supporters and donors. It will help spread your message across to a large audience on the internet. It will also help collecting donations and it will make this task easier.

There are many methods of building a nonprofit website. You can of course do it yourself. Nowadays it is very easy and inexpensive to build a website. You need to buy a domain, which will cost you around $10, you need to get a web hosting on which you will host your website on the internet, and you need to build your website. Web hosting might cost you anything from $7 to 30$ per month, depending on which web hosting company you will choose. Getting a domain and a web hosting company is pretty easy and straightforward, so I won’t write much about it. You can find a lot of information on the subject on the internet, or you can follow my advice which I will give you later, and avoid a lot of headache when getting your website online.

How you can build your website depends a lot on your budget.

There are a few options here:

1. You can simply go to and you can build your website on the WordPress platform, which is free and easy to use. When building a nonprofit website one of the most important things is the template. You really need a professional nonprofit website template. You can get a free template from the WordPress. There are actually a lot of free website templates for WordPress, but the problem is that you won’t get a free template that goes well with your nonprofit organization.

2. To achieve the professional look of your website you can use the free services of the WordPress, but you should take the WordPress platform and get your own domain and host your website on another non WordPress web hosting. It will cost you more, but you will be the sole owner of your website. You should also order the website template for your website. Of course if your budget is so tight that you can’t do it, you can go with free blog from the WordPress. Later when your budget will increase, when you collect enough funds and donations through your website, you can get your own domain, web hosting and the template designed for you by a professional designer.

3. If your budget allows, you should skip options 1 and 2 described above, and you should use the services of one of the companies that specialize in building websites for nonprofits. When you decide to choose the services of such a company, you simply can choose the template that you like. All of such templates are especially made for nonprofit websites, so your template will have all of functions that you need.

The good point is that many of those companies will give you such a website for free and they will also build the website for you for free. You don’t have to worry about anything. What’s the catch? You will have to sign up for their web hosting services, which is no big deal, because this will also free you from the trouble of looking for a web hosting company. In this way you can get your nonprofit website without any headaches, fast and easy, and quite cheap.


Source by Chris M Green

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