Free Evo Apps – 10 Favorite HTC Evo Apps


Looking for HTC Evo apps? Here are 10 of the top favorite ones:

1. Bar Code Scanner

Use your HTC Evo camera to scan a bar code. When you are in picture taking mode, there is a square on the screen to frame the car code you wish to scan. From there, the application takes the bar code and searches for the information online. From there you can get a price check and more. Definitely one of every HTC Evo user’s favorites.

2. Doodle Droid

This doodler is way more advanced than your average drawing app. It has speed sensitive opacity, therefore the slower you draw the darker your doodle mark will be and vice versa. Very realistic. There are many different brushes to choose from. It also offers multiple undo options, just in case you missed something you didn’t want.

3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is one of the fastest Internet browsers out there. It runs perfectly on the HTC Evo.

4. Google Earth

Think Google Earth is awesome on the computer? Wait until you see it on your HTC Evo. This includes voice search and multi-touch.

5. Urban Spoon

This has to be the greatest restaurant app there is. You can choose by location, cuisine, popularity, cost, and more. It’s also fun to use.

6. Advanced Ruler Pro

Free Demo! The ruler on this is 100 percent accurate. You never know when you will need a ruler, but when you do, this app has it covered. Plus, there are so many different measurements to use.

7. TMZ Entertainment

Keep up with TMZ and all the celebrity gossip all the time with this cool app!

8. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Needing help trying to find the best network location? This app does it for you easily and instantly.

9. WordPress

Manage all of your websites from your phone! This app supports the self-hosted wordpress and

10. Juice Defender

This is great for all of your Wi-Fi users! It helps you save battery power by controlling your connections.


Source by Michelle Barber

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