Five Reasons To Use WordPress For Sites and Blogs


If you want to put up a virtual presence through a blog or site, you might want to use WordPress for it. Of course, there are many other options that you can consider for setting up your website or blog but there are at least five top reasons why you shouldn’t look at the other options.

#1- It’s free and open source.

For people with small budgets, this is perhaps the best reason of all. You don’t have to pay a single dollar to download the software. You also don’t need to pay anything to keep on upgrading or to use it on an unlimited number of properties. Moreover, it’s open source. This means that anyone can tweak the code to make a web property more customized.

#2- It’s easy to use.

Using WordPress won’t cause any headaches. Installing it is a breeze and using it is even less difficult. The labeled sections make it easy for you to determine where to click to make a new post, where to put the title and how to publish your content. Of course, for website owners who want to be found quickly online, some tweaks may be needed. This includes tweaking the post URL structure and adding title and description tags to the code. You can learn how to do this through some good research.

#3- There are hundreds of extensions.

There are so many different plugins or extensions that you can download. These let you do a lot of things on your blog or site. Depending on your specific needs when you use WordPress you can for example, find extensions for setting up contact forms, generating polls, adding code, filtering spam and creating sitemaps among others. The best part is that plugins can be obtained for free and developers also give free support if there are any issues or problems.

#4- There is a large and thriving community of users.

This tool is one of the most utilized for websites and blogs. This means that there are scores of communities out there dedicated to just discussing this platform. You will therefore easily be able to get a hold of support or assistance in case you’re having a hard time on something. Ask any question and there is bound to be an expert or two who know exactly what to do or how to help.

#5- It’s flexible.

The tool is popularly used for blogging but it can also be used for properties with static pages. In other words, even if it is primarily intended for blogs, you can create a basic semi static website out of it. This would therefore be the best option if you simply want to create a simple web property to introduce your interests, business and advocacy. There are many websites that operate on the tool without even appearing to be doing so.

These top five reasons should be enough to convince you to use WordPress. The truth though is that, there are hundreds of other reasons why this tool is the best one out there for blogging and website creation. Start using it and discover many more of its great qualities.


Source by Reed Slidell

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