Five Benefits of Using WordPress to Power Your Website


Content Management Systems have changed the way how websites are developed and managed. They have helped millions of businesses create online footprints and manage websites without any coding knowledge. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular of all the CMS solutions in the world with more than 55% market share. If you are planning to create a business website you should be choosing WordPress. Here are five benefits of using this content management system to create your business website.

  1. User Friendly – WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS available in the market. It started as a blogging platform and maintains the same ‘ease of use’ features that allow you to manage your business website without any technical expertise. You don’t need to set up any FTP or make use of an HTML editor to manage your site. The WYSIWYG helps you publish content into the website without any bit of coding involved. You can add pages and multimedia elements such as videos, audio, animation and many more with the click of a must button.
  2. Cost Effective – For small businesses and startups cost of creating an online footprint is an important consideration and this is where WordPress draws its maximum fan following. It is an open source CMS and hence you won’t incur any expense in creating a website. Your only expenditure would be on purchasing a domain and paying the hosting charges. You can start for free by hosting your site on the WordPress domain and testing it thoroughly before moving it to your own domain.
  3. Scalability – You can manage any kind of website using WordPress from simple company blogs to the more complex eCommerce sites. With many themes available in WordPress you can achieve the kind of website you are looking for. These themes can easily be further customized in terms of their structure, graphic elements, color scheme etc. based on the needs of your business. You can make use of the plugins to achieve all kinds of functionality in your website such as shopping cart, site analytics, social media integration, file downloads etc.
  4. Search Engine Friendly – Search engine friendliness of a website is vital for its success and WordPress generates clean HTML codes that attract the search engine crawlers. The codes are W3C compliant and help you achieve higher rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages. Apart from this you can also optimize the URL, Page Title, Meta Description and Keywords to further optimize the website.
  5. Easy Access – WordPress is a complete online tool and hence you will be able to access the website from anywhere in the world and make changes to it. You can also share the access between different members of the team and set custom access permission for all the users.

With all these advantages WordPress should surely be your first choice Content Management System. It is also important to hire the services of a professional developer to create your business website. This will ensure that your site is developed as per your niche needs and following the latest development standards in the industry.


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