Finding the Right WordPress Theme


Many new and experienced users of one of the most popular blogging platforms called WordPress, have trouble finding the perfect theme due to the amount of new themes created daily. Searching via Google and other popular search engines for the term “WordPress theme” will result in many pages of both new and out-dated themes, with some of them yielding no support because of when they were created.

For those looking to use WordPress as a blogging platform or as a website, finding great templates is very important to webmaster’s concerned with branding and gaining faithful readers. A simple look online will give a variety of popular WordPress Theme Galleries on the web.

There are a few things to take notice when finding a new WordPress Theme:

-If you using a free WordPress Theme, make sure to keep the footer links intact to give proper credit to the author of the theme. The authors work so hard for free.

-Check out the theme demos to get an idea of how the theme works to save you time from changing your mind later.

-Check the original author’s site for questions regarding theme modifications and special requests. A lot of the time, they will be more than happy to help you with simple requests.

Finding the right theme can be a tiresome search, but if you find the right template for your website that only requires some modifications, it will payoff. Especially when you try to convey to your readers what your site is about and want to stand out from the growing population of wordpress users.


Source by Susan Suarez

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