Finally a Free Website Builder For Kids


In today’s society, the internet is an important part of every day life. For the inquisitive minds of children, it not only offers a vast source of knowledge, but also a platform to let their voices be heard.

WordPress is a free website builder for kids, which allows them to create their own blog or website, form online communities with their friends, and project their thoughts and feelings onto the web. WordPress is an ideal choice for a number of reasons.

1. Technology

The technology available through WordPress is so easy to use, that kids will need very little help from their parents. They can create a simple blog in just a few minutes, and can create a fully functioning website by following some basic download instructions.

Through building their own sites, children can learn the basics of internet use, and the numerous plug-ins available will teach them the extent to which a website can be manipulated and customized to do exactly what they want.

2. Themes

WordPress has thousands of themes available that allow each site to demonstrate the creativity and individuality of the blogger. A simple internet search will reveal how many of these themes are designed with children in mind, and they range from Disney themes, to the latest movie craze.

These themes can be uploaded and changed easily, which means that children can alter the visual effects of their website as quickly as their interests, grow and change.

3. Security

Security is an important consideration for parents when the internet and children are involved. With WordPress, the blogs and websites that are created with this free website builder for kids, can be made as public or as private as the children and parents want. Additionally, if your child decides to leave WordPress, the content of their blog is not locked-in, and can be easily exported.

4. Plug-ins

There are a number of WordPress plug-ins available, many of which will appeal to children and teenagers alike. Link To This Page, for example, will allow children to link their pages and posts, to the websites of their friends, as well as the websites and MySpace pages of their favorite bands, TV shows, movies and celebrities.

Also, the Interactive Video Plug-in, will provide children with a player on which they can post, record and edit their favorite video clips and share them with their friends.

WordPress is the perfect free website builder for kids. It is easy to use and has the capabilities to protect children from any danger the internet may hold. It is also a great way for kids to learn the basics of web design, and can be changed and updated as quickly as their moods change.


Source by Bradford Fox

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