Fifty Gig Ideas You Can Post On Fiverr


Making money with Fiverr is easy but it could be quite hard to make money with Fiverr if one does not know what gig or gigs to offer. In this article, i will share with you gigs you an advertise and earn money with on Fiverr.


• Offer to write someone’s Website URL on your vehicle with liquid shoe polish (it washes off easily).

• Wear a t-shirt or cap promoting someone’s business.

• Place a sign on your lawn or in the window of a business advertising someone’s website.

• Hand out or post fliers for someone.

• Setup a Facebook account or Fanpage for someone.

• Place an ad for someone on your wall or Fanpage.

• Setup a Twitter account for someone.

• Send out a Tweet to all your Twitter followers one or more times.

• Install an auto-responder on someone’s Website and maybe get paid for managing it.

Article Writing & Submission

• Using freely available Open Office software, you could convert documents or manuscripts to PDF files.

• Write a 300-500 word article on a topic the buyer provides.

• Rewrite someone’s article one or more times, or offer to use an article spinner to create multiple copies.

• Using article submission software, offer to submit someone’s article to dozens of popular directories.

• Offer to write and/or submit press releases for a customer’s business.

• Write a post or comment on someone’s blog.

• Sell your own short reports or e-books or use readily available PLR products to rewrite and sell.


• Using free or purchased software, run a backlink report on someone’s URL and send them a report.

• Social bookmark someone’s website or blog to multiple social bookmarking sites.

• Make comments on high PR blogs for someone in order to get them backlinks.


• Consult with someone on how to make more money online.

• If you know how, teach someone basic SEO skills.

• Teach programming, computer repair, music, etc.

• Consult via Skype or IM with a buyer, advising them on anything you are an expert at.


• Design a Banner or Logo for someone’s Website or Blog.

• Design an e-book or traditional book cover.

• Design a background for someone’s Twitter Account.

• Use Photoshop to improve, change, or restore a picture

• Use Adobe Acrobat or Open Office to create an e-book from someone’s text draft.

Product Reviews

• Write short 250-300 word website reviews for others.

• Write reviews for products you’re familiar with that others are selling online.

• Review someone’s website design as a consumer and suggest ways they can improve it.

• Review and write a testimonial for someone’s e-book or other product.



• Produce a voice-over for a product, service, video, etc.

• Record a text article as a spoken product.

• Transcribe a recording to text.

• Record a testimonial for a product or service.

• Offer to call and sing “happy birthday” to someone (as Marilyn Monroe or?).

Video Services

• Add a comment to someone’s video at YouTube or other popular video posting site.

• Record a Video to promote a website, product, or service.

• Post a video for someone on your website.

• Do short introductory videos for someone’s website

• Edit videos for others.


• Install a WordPress blog on a customer’s domain for them.

• Install plugins, themes and media for someone who doesn’t know how.

• Teach someone how to use WordPress


• Keyword Research – Using software, you could offer to do keyword research on a term or terms the buyer supplies.

• Create a backlinking strategy for a buyer`s website or offer to do it for them.

• Get someone’s website or blog indexed by the major search engines.

• Offer to ping a customers blog posts to all the major ping services.

• Create an RSS feed for someone’s static website using free online services.

• Submit website RSS feeds to directories manually or with software.


Source by Adam Stansfield

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